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Editor: Nagaraj.M.R………vol.3…issue.12…………….02/06/2007


Editorial : BMW Expose – pointer to failure of indian judicialsystem



Recent  NDTV BMW Expose points towards , how rottenour judicial system has become. In a democracy like India , for a common man  judiciary is the last saviour . When thatsaviour himself becomes a demon , to whom he should turn . the said case pointtowards cases involving rich & mighty , whether it is a criminal case ,civil or tax cases , etc , when rich & mighty are involved they purchaseboth defence & prosecution side involving witnesses , governmentofficials  testifying. Those who don’tfall into their lines  are threatened ,assaulted & even murdered.  As awhole the judicial process is derailed. The honest judge who is presiding overthe case remains as a mute spectator & forced to acquit the criminal forfailure of prosecution , for lack of evidences. In some cases , the judgesthemselves are also corrupt , which makes the job much easier for the rich& mighty criminals to go scot-free.


Take thecase of editor of e – voice of human rights watch , inspite of suffering numerousinjustices , physical assaults , murder attempts , etc  and repeated appeals to the authoritiesincluding the chief justice of India & president of India , justice is nowhere in sight , police have repeatedly enquired the sufferer of injustice butthey never questioned the perpetrators of injustices. It is the constitutionalduty of president of India &chief justice of India as custodians of law , to safe guard thefundamental rights & human rights of every Indian citizen , but till datethey have failed to do their duty. The supreme court of India has evenfailed to provide information , reply to the application dated 27/04/2007  of editor of this publication seeking  information as per RTI Act 2005.  All theseactions & inactions of supreme court of India & president of India , has emboldened the rich & mightycriminals that they can do any thing in India & go scot-free. In thisback drop , further if any thing untoward happens to editor  of e – voice of human rights watch  or to his family members , to his dependents ,IT IS H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA & HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA WHO WILLBE BOTH RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.


What  is needed is protection of witnesses , protectionof both defense & prosecution side witnesses , transparency in the judicialsystem , accountability of judges & advocates , code of conduct foradvocates & judges. By these measures alone , we can protect & respect  our constitution of India , citizen’s rights. JAI HIND.VANDE MATARAM.







Respected  Madam ,

INDIA: Caste based discrimination andassaults against Dalits are on the increase in Uttar Pradesh

Case 1:
Name of victims:
1. Mr. Virendra Sonkar son of Mr. Ramdhani Sonkar
2. Ms. Sunita, wife of Virendra Sonkar
(Both are residents of Shankarpur village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasi district, UttarPradesh)
Alleged perpetrators:
1. Mr. Manoj Yadav son of Nakhdu Yadav
2. Mr. Rajesh Yadav son of Shyam Narayan Yadav
3. Mr. Vinod Yadav son of Nakhdu Yadav
(All are residents of Shankarpur village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasidistrict, Uttar Pradesh)
Date and place of Incident:11 and 12 May 2007 at Shankarpur village, under the jurisdiction of Chaubepurpolice station in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh

Case 2:
Name of victims:
1. Mr. Lalji Ram, son of Mr. Neur Ram
2. Mrs. Nageena Devi wife of Mr. Lalji Ram
3. Sunil, son of Mr. Lalji Ram
(All are residents of Shankarpur village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasi district, UttarPradesh)
Alleged perpetrators:
1. Mr. Nathuni Yadav, son of Mr. Nakdu Yadav
2. Mr. Dina Yadav son of Mr. Sadhu Yadav
(Both are residents of Shankarpur village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasidistrict, Uttar Pradesh)
Date and place of Incident:On 17 and 24 April, 2007 at Shankarpur village, Chaubepur Police Station,Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh

Case 3:
Name of the victims:
1. Mr. Mithailal alias Mithairam, son of Mr. Ramdhani
2. Mr. Balkaran nephew of Mithailal
(Both are residents of Gaurdih village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Name of the perpetrators:
1. Mr. Savaru Yadav, son of Budhu Yadav
2. Mr. Panaru Yadav, son of Babanu Yadav
(Both are residents of Gaurdih village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasidistrict, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Date and place of Incident:On May 18, 2007 at Gaurdih village, Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasidistrict, Uttar Pradesh, India

[Mr. Praveen Yadav, whois the Officer-in-Charge of Chaubepur Police Station, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh, waspresented all the above cases but no action has been taken to stop violenceagainst Dalits and to punish those responsible on grounds for his cast.]

I am writing to you to expressmy concern about the three cases of atrocities committed against the dalitcommunity in Varanasidistrict reported from Shankarpur and Gaurdih village. I am informed that inthree separate incidents that happened on 17 and 24 April 2007 and 11, 12 &18 May 2007 the victims named above were assaulted by various persons from theYadav community.

I am informed that in the firstcase Mr. Virendra Sonkar son of Mr. Ramdhani Sonkar and his wife Ms. Sunita wasassaulted by  Mr. Manoj Yadav son of Nakhdu Yadav, Mr. Rajesh Yadav son ofShyam Narayan Yadav and Mr. Vinod Yadav son of Nakhdu Yadav. The incident wasstarted off by the perpetrators intentionally destroying Virendra’scultivation, which when opposed was silenced by the perpetrators abusing andassaulting the victims, whereby they suffered injuries.

The second case reported fromthe same village, though it happened in April, before the change of thegovernment, was an incident that was triggered off after a request for waterfrom the common tube-well in the village. In this case the assailants namedabove, again from the Yadav community, assaulted the father, mother and the child.All the three were injured in the incident.

In the third case the membersof the Yadav community from Gaurdih village assaulted Mithailal and his nephewMr. Balkaran because Mithailal’s cow had walked into the land of one Mr. SavaruYadav. The arguments, between the victim Mr. Mithailal and the owner of theland Mr. Savaru, resulted in an incident where Mithailal and his nephew wereattacked by the Yadavs of the village.

I am concerned about thepattern of these three incidents where individuals of the dalit community inthe villages are assaulted by groups from the Yadav community. From the factsof these three cases it is also evident that the situation within the villagesthat are dominated by the Yadav caste must be tense, particularly after thedefeat of the former government which was led by the Yadav leader. Theincidents are also a probable reflection of the Yadav or the upper castecommunity and its apprehension of an increasing dalit resistance in villages.In this context I also wish to bring to your notice the fact that fromShankarpur village in the past there had been reported cases of starvationdeaths.

I am also surprised to knowthat the Station House Officer of Chaubepur Police Station and the SeniorSuperintendent of Police, Varanasihad not initiated any action against the perpetrators upon the incident eventhough the cases were brought to their notice in writing soon after ithappened. This also suggests the reluctance of the local police to investigateand take actions in cases where atrocities are reported against the dalitcommunity.

I therefore urge you toimmediately inquire into the matter and take the following actions:

1. To order an immediateinquiry by the local police against the incidents reported to them regardingthe cases mentioned above and to charge the perpetrators named above for thecrimes they have committed;
2. To inquire into why the local police failed to take any action in the threecases and;
3. To provide protection for the victims in the case.

I trust that your interventionwill be forthcoming in this matter.

Your’s sincerely,




Your Excellency,

I am gravely concerned aboutthe arrest of Abdel Karim Sulaiman Amer, who was detained November 7. AmnestyInternational believes he may be a prisoner of conscience who is beingprosecuted on account of the peaceful expression of his views about Islam and theal-Azhar religious authorities.  I askthat the Egyptian government clarify the reasons for his detention and wish toexpress concern that his arrest could violate Egypt’s international commitment toprotecting its citizens’ rights to freedom of thought, conscience andreligion.  I urge that Abdel KarimSulaiman Amer be released immediately and unconditionally if he is held solelyfor reasons connected with his peaceful expression.


Abdel Karim Sulaiman Amer wassummoned to appear before the office of the Public Prosecutor in Maharram Bekdistrict of the city of Alexandria on November 7following a complaint reportedly made against him by al-Azhar University,where he previously was a student. He was charged with an array of offenses,including “spreading information disruptive of public order,” “incitement tohate Muslims” and “defaming the President of the Republic.” The PublicProsecutor ordered his detention for four days, which was later reportedlyextended for a further 15 days.


He previously spent 12 days indetention in October 2005 after he wrote about sectarian riots in Alexandria’s Maharram Bekdistrict.  The detention and his writingsfurther led him to being expelled as a student at al-Azhar Universityfollowing a disciplinary hearing.


I am sure you are aware thatthe International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Egypt is astate party, protects freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The covenantrequires governments to protect citizens from any coercion that would limitthese freedoms.  I thank you for yourpersonal attention to these serious concerns and request that you inform meabout any developments in Abdel Karim Sulaiman Amer’s case.

Your’s sincerely,





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